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Vlad Strizheus

Hello, my name is Vlad Strizheus, I’m the founder and online advertiser at VAVO (vay-voh). VAVO is a digital marketing agency on a mission to help businesses dominate using effective modern marketing strategies, methods, and technology.

Being in the internet marketing space for some years now, I know how important it is to have the right people to be able to deliver great results, which is why I put together an incredible team of highly experienced professionals (various contractors that specialize in specific services) to offer a complete package of digital marketing solutions to businesses that are ready to scale and grow.

We take a very strategic and analytical approach to everything we do for our clients from planning to implementation and at the end of the day, we deliver extraordinary results. Our primary service is online advertising on Google, YouTube, and Google Display Network.

What We Do

We help businesses skyrocket their sales by driving highly targeted traffic to their website and landing pages and strategically pushing prospects through the VAVO marketing funnel. Our typical service package includes marketing strategy consulting, market research, promotional content creation, and continuous online advertising (ad campaign creation, management, and optimization).

We also offer additional services such as brand logo design and Google My Business listing creation and optimization. Our primary service is online advertising via Google Search, YouTube Video, and Google Display Network. We do not offer any of our services standalone without online advertising. To learn more about our services, visit our services page.


The VAVO Marketing Funnel

We strategically funnel your prospects through the VAVO marketing funnel…

The VAVO Funnel

The first stage of the marketing funnel, the top of the funnel, is awareness. At this stage of the campaign, we focus on getting ad impressions, clicks, and leads. The objective here is to introduce your brand to your target market or “cold audience” and create as much brand awareness and ad-recall as possible as well as generate targeted leads to push through the marketing funnel.

The second stage of the marketing funnel, the middle of the funnel, is consideration. At this point, your target audience is aware of your brand and we shift our focus towards introducing your product, building interest, and getting your leads to consider purchasing your product. Here we launch the follow-up value sequence as well as remarketing campaigns and the objective is to frame or “warm up” your leads for the next stage of the funnel.

The third stage of the marketing funnel, the bottom of the funnel, is conversion. This is the point-of-sale in the funnel. At this stage, your leads are HOT- they’re aware of your brand, product, offer, and price and they’re ready to make a purchase decision. The objective here is to evaluate your offer, call-to-action, and convert your leads into customers.

Typically, this is where the marketing funnel ends, however, VAVO doesn’t do “typical” marketing. This may be the end of a traditional marketing funnel but for us, this is only the beginning of the second and most important phase of the marketing funnel.

The fourth stage of the marketing funnel is loyalty. The objective of this stage is to retain your customers, keep them happy, and get them to fall in love with your brand and become a part of your brand tribe. This is where we turn your customers into raving fans that will be loyal to your brand for as long as it exists.

The fifth and final stage of the marketing funnel is advocacy. The objective of this final stage is to inspire (and potentially but not necessarily incentivize) your customers to organically promote your brand to other people. Your brand tribe will naturally and passionately recommend your brand to other people and your customers will multiply.

Our Area Of Expertise

We focus solely on modern digital marketing strategies, methods, and technology. Our primary area of expertise is in Google Ads (see our certifications below). Google Ads is an incredible advertising platform that allows us to advertise on Google Search and its partners, YouTube, and Google Display Network, which consists of millions of websites and apps.

Why Google Ads? There’s no better platform to use for online advertising than Google Ads; it works extremely well for businesses in various industries and niches and we’ve proven that to ourselves and to our clients on multiple occasions.

Why does it work so well? Simply put, Google has more data about you and me (and everyone) than anyone else. Google’s massive database, combined with their fascinating Artificial Intelligence Machine Learning technology, gives us the ability to target very specific audiences with very specific messages, which leads to ultra high conversion rates and impressive ROI.

At VAVO, we are obsessed with Personalized Marketing because we know how powerful and effective it is. We implement Personalized Digital Marketing strategies as much as possible and consequently, deliver exceptional results to our clients. Personalized Marketing allows us to essentially “push” prospects through a marketing funnel and get them to buy whatever it is that we’re promoting.

Overall, we choose to take a somewhat radical approach to marketing because let’s face it, marketing is evolving at an ever-quick pace. Marketing strategies that worked well just 2 years ago are not nearly as effective today. We firmly believe that it’s vital for businesses to continually evolve, keep up with new trends within their industry and niche, and invest the majority of their marketing budget into modern digital marketing.

Who We Serve

VAVO is not the right fit for every small business out there but we may be just the right agency for you! We prefer to work with US based businesses that are serious about scaling and growing and are ready to spend a minimum of $30,000 per month on online advertising. We start with a relatively small budget during the initial testing and optimization period and then gradually increase the ad-spend as we see positive results.

If you think we might be a good fit for each other, reach out to us today and let’s talk about your business and how we can deliver you awesome results and skyrocket your sales. Thanks for stopping by our site – we look forward to connecting with you soon!



VAVO Meaning / Definition


adjective: vavo (vay-voh)

1. of or relating to present and recent time marketing strategies, methods, and tactics; not ancient, old-fashioned, or outdated marketing strategies, methods, and tactics:

2. modern as it relates to marketing and advertising.

“Corporations are increasingly moving away from conventional marketing, meanwhile, allocating large portions of their marketing budgets to vavo marketing.”

To do vavo marketing means to implement modern (and perhaps unconventional) marketing strategies, methods, and tactics.